The Illinois Jacquet Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of the following dedicated individuals.

Illinois Jacquet Foundation
Illinois Jacquet Foundation
Dr. Pamela Jacquet Davis - President

Dr. Pamela Jacquet serves as the co-founder and president of the Illinois Jacquet Foundation®, a nonprofit organization that honors the legacy of her father, the late jazz tenor saxophonist Jean Baptiste Illinois Jacquet (1922-2004). She is responsible for overseeing its operations, administration and ongoing outreach initiatives.
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Nikki Davis - Secretary & Treasurer

The granddaughter of Illinois Jacquet, Nikki Davis is a graduate of Arizona State University and resides in Northern California.  Throughout her professional career, Davis has worked almost exclusively with both federal and state public health agencies and is incredibly effective in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the insurance and healthcare industries.  In her role on the Board of The Illinois Jacquet Foundation, she devotes her time and energy to facilitating the detail-driven details and record-keeping required to keep the organizations goals and objectives on track and organized in order to continue the ongoing legacy her grandfather worked so hard to create. 

Melissa Hughes - Development, Events & Promotions Chair

Known for her ability to create event experiences unique to the needs of her wide variety of clientele, Melissa Hughes has been an invaluable asset to The Illinois Jacquet Foundation, since joining the Board of Directors in 2010.  Her Scottsdale-Ariz.-based company, Two Gals Events, has been a driving force behind all aspects of donor, sponsor and philanthropic efforts where she is directly responsible for spearheading all event-related partnerships, operations, strategic partnerships and fundraising.   Hughes also provides ongoing counsel to the group with regard to strategic planning initiatives for future endeavors and undertakings.
Danny Frank - Board Member

Norma Frank - Board Member

John Henry - Board Member

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